We Have Reached A Pivotal Point!

by Brian Bruce

We’re at a really unique and pivotal point here on the timeline of human evolution.

That sounds really big, and it is big. Never before have we been able to connect and explore, learn and share like we can today. And the choices we each make right now, individually, will affect not just the trajectory of our own lives, but also that of our human collective consciousness.

We’re all connected. You hear that said all the time, and we take it for granted, but it is literally true. Our energetic connections are real. We are all swimming in the same sea of energy.

And also remember that because of this, what we each do has an effect on the world. What you do and who you choose to be really does matter. I believe we are all being called right now to embrace our highest selves; to blend the non-physical aspect of ourselves with the physical part. And in this way, to become blended humans. We have always had a connection to our higher dimensional selves, but what is different now is that more and more of us are consciously acknowledging that we are more than our physical bodies. And it’s this level of consciousness that is the foundation for high vibrational living. We are really just now beginning to tap into a higher dimensional state of being and living our lives within a higher energetic frequency. To help this process along, what we need to practice is tapping into the universal wisdom that we all have access to, and then consciously utilizing it in our daily lives on a moment-to-moment basis. That might seem like a daunting task at first, because it kind of is. It takes a lot of mindfulness to do that, and just like anything, it gets easier the more we practice.

And that’s my primary focus: practicing and helping others to practice aligning more with the higher frequencies of our being. This essentially means that we will have an intention to become new versions of ourselves. The default is to live on a kind of autopilot, allowing the past to continuously and unconsciously define our present selves and our present life experiences. Many people still do that because it’s easy. Actually, we all still do that. We all have a habit of living on autopilot to varying degrees. But many of us are realizing that now is the time to free ourselves of the past and this unconscious cycle of creation and instead explore what else we can become. And if you’re listening to this right now, you are one of us on this path. And the first skill we really need to master is letting go of who we used to be. It’s so easy and tempting to slap a label on ourselves and each other and call it done rather than do the work of acknowledging and honoring the changes that are taking place within all of us. We are meant to continually evolve, and that can be really uncomfortable. It’s challenging because we like consistency, and we’ve acclimated to things moving slowly. And that’s not the case anymore. Things are speeding up, and our evolution is accelerating. And this doesn’t mean we have to panic and be manic about it, but it does mean that if you don’t allow yourself and others to change, you’re going to feel the pangs of stagnation—and probably sooner than you might have in the past; maybe even feel them more intensely. Stagnation can turn into frustration, bitterness, or depression if not acknowledged and dealt with. What this means is that we need to follow our hearts more and have courage when we are inspired to embody a new version of ourselves, however slight that change may be. And just as importantly, allow others to do the same. Remember that what you allow for others, you allow for yourself. So it’s time to let ourselves and others out of the boxes we created in the past. We all need to help each other hold the space where being different than who we used to be is OK. The planet is really supporting us in doing this right now. It’s supporting us in making the shift into higher frequencies of living. And it’s still gonna take conscious energy and effort along a winding path. There are going to be twists and turns and forks in the road, and we won’t necessarily know exactly where we’re going at times. You might be thinking that these are some of those times right now, and I would agree. I would also add that it’s not going to be the only time when things seem messy and confusing. That’s the nature of life right now. It’s in flux. It’s evolving faster than ever before, so can we practice letting that be okay? Can we allow ourselves the space and time it takes to evolve, knowing that it’s a messy process? Things are rising to the surface to be cleared as we move from a collectively lower vibration to a higher one. Can we be patient with the unfolding of it all, and can we be optimistic? I think so. It’s a choice, and I’m here to help, as are many of us. There’s help all around you. We really are all in this together. Not only are we all experiencing life through a physical perspective, but we are all having the experience of it now; in these times. That’s a powerful commonality we all have, and it binds us together, even with our individual experiences being unique and distinctly our own.