Trusting Your Life Path: The Requirements.

by Brian Bruce

What does it mean to trust your life path; to trust the process of getting where you want to go?

I believe we all came into this world with a plan for ourselves. And in that plan were the things we wanted to do, the experiences we wanted to have, some of the souls we wanted to interact with along the way, and the general trajectory of our evolution. And the more we are aligned with our higher self and in tune with our feelings and our intuition, the better we feel because the closer we are to following this plan. Not that we don’t have a choice as to how it all unfolds. I definitely still believe in free will. And I don’t believe it’s only about the choice to follow this plan or not follow this plan. The details of how our life unfolds are a collaboration between the physical aspect of ourselves and our higher self. Our physical self has input from our experiences in the physical world, and our higher self has the broader perspective of the non-physical dimensions. And this is a reminder that what you want, your higher self wants for you. I used to rebel against this idea that somehow my life was planned. My ego wants complete control, and so it didn’t like this idea that I had to follow this plan that was already laid out for me. And what I’ve come to understand for myself is that it’s not all laid out to the detail level but it is laid out as a general plan. And I don’t have to follow it. That’s the power of free will. I can choose to go anywhere I want to go, and do anything I want to do. But…here’s the important part of it: when I’m not in alignment with my higher self, I don’t feel so good. Again, I don’t have to stick to the original plan for my life. I believe I can alter course at any time, but I do believe when I’m not listening to the input from my higher self when doing this, things don’t go so well. And here’s the other important part to remember: the general plan was made by me. So what feels good to me IS part of the general plan that the whole of me created. Including this part of me that is now focused in the third dimension. My higher self is not separate from my physical self. And…it has a broader perspective from which to see the potential paths forward at any moment and every moment. It took me a while to really believe that. I kept separating my physical self from my higher self when it came to the day-to-day living of my life. And it’s an easy thing to do because you can feel separate when you’re immersed in this 3rd dimension of duality. So it’s not me against my higher self, which seems crazy to say. I mean, who fights against their higher self? Well, we all do. Every time we have the inspiration to do something and we don’t do it, we’re fighting against our higher self. Every time our intuition says one thing, but we do another, we’re fighting against our higher self. Every time we deny the calling of our heart, we fight against our higher self. When we do these things, we are resisting the collaboration that we set up to be a part of before we were born.

Have you ever had the feeling like you were spinning your wheels? That you had a vision of where you wanted to go or what you wanted to achieve, but you just couldn’t seem to make a lot of forward progress, or that progress seemed really slow? Maybe you’re feeling like that right now. I’ve definitely had that experience, and it’s super frustrating, isn’t it? And what I’ve come to realize for myself is that the feeling of stagnation is usually a sign that we’re fighting against our higher self and that more trust is needed. The default pattern that I used to go through started with me having inspiration and being excited to do something (which is the sign of being in alignment with your higher self), followed by analyzing all the steps to get there, followed by uncertainty about how all the steps would play out for me. Resulting in not taking the next step I needed to take to move forward. I would analyze what I was inspired to do, ask what that might mean for me a year from now. The possibilities of where that might lead me in 5 years? If I was good enough to actually do it. If I was qualified. How difficult it might be. How much it might cost. If I would get a good return on my investment of time and money. How long it might take? What would happen if I didn’t complete what I started? What others might think? How I would respond to those who doubted me? And on it could go…all pointing to a lack of trust in myself and the unfolding of my life. And what I have come to know and now remind myself of is this: I don’t have to be concerned with all the steps or even know what they all are… not all of them, and not right now…not all at once. It’s so overwhelming when you put yourself in the position of having to think about all of it. To have to consider every possible factor before even taking a step in the direction you‘ve been inspired to go. When you put yourself in this position, of course it’s going to feel difficult moving forward and making progress. You’ll be focused on how everything fits together, but you’ll be analyzing it without all the necessary information required to have an accurate picture of the path forward. There are far too many variables and unknowns to possibly know and plan for how it will all actually play out ahead of time. It’s a very seductive trap because the more you think about all of the details and possible scenarios, the more details and scenarios will come to mind. It’s never-ending. And you can trick yourself into thinking you’re making progress because your mind is running around in circles analyzing and preparing for things that often do not need to be done or at least do not need to be thought about until much later. And what seems to be planning and preparing is sometimes just stalling. Stalling because we are afraid of what lies ahead and do not trust ourselves and the unfolding of our lives.

Remember that the next steps will reveal themselves when you need them, and also that you will have what it takes to accomplish each step along the way. That you’ll be able to learn, strengthen yourself, and grow as you move along your path. It’s unfair to doubt your ability to take steps 8, 9, and 10 or even think about the details involved in those steps before taking steps 1, 2, and 3. And that’s because who you are right now at step one is not who you will be when you’re at step 10. You’re thinking from the viewpoint of the you who hasn’t even taken step number one. Your current self is not as far along as the you that has taken steps 3, 4, and 5. That you is different…and so is that world. So it’s actually counterproductive thinking about those steps within your current state of mind…or within your current circumstances. Does that make sense? It’s wasting a lot of energy on one out of an infinite number of possible future scenarios. Energy that could instead be applied towards taking the next step that’s in front of you right now.

All you really have to be focused on right now is the next step or two. Let accomplishing the next step be your primary focus and stop trying to think and plan so far ahead. Trust yourself, your guidance, and the path you’ve laid out for yourself. Remember, you are a co-creator, not the only creator. Meaning, life will help you out along the way. You’re meant to create with the flow of your life, not obsessively try to manipulate and control it so that it goes exactly how you want it to go. Remember, it’s common for our ego to interpret the unknown as unsafe, so it makes sense that we would want to control things. But in doing so, we cause ourselves a lot of stress, and we miss out on the opportunities to experience all the ways in which the universe has our back. We miss out on discovering the evidence that life will work with us and lead us along the path that best serves our highest good; beautiful scenarios and experiences, revelations, and routes that we could not have planned for ourselves.

So if you feel a little unclear right now as to your path forward, just check to make sure that you’re not overanalyzing; that you’re not trying to see or plan too far ahead. Practice tuning into your heart and intuition. Focus on the next step and trust that it will lead you to all the ones that need to follow. That’s the way you collaborate with your higher self.

I’m going to end with one of my favorite quotes from The Modern ELF Oracle Deck that I always come back to when I find myself stalling and resisting the next steps forward. And the quote is this:

“It is not required that steps forward be graceful, only that they be taken.”

So, I hope that’s a helpful reminder for you as you continue to travel YOUR path forward.

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your day 🙂 -Brian